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Content upload via link

A news article on your social wall? With contentfry's new "Embed Post" connection, you can upload content from all kinds of sources simply via a

Language filter update

On your German social wall, you may want to display only the German content from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, but also the multilanguage content from TikTok and Instagram. Our language filter update makes this combination

Brand new sharing menu

The new Sharing menu not only has an appealing design, it also comes with brand new options for integrating social walls on websites.

Update to the Rights Management Feature

The update allows you to save your own text as a template for the rights

Show less content on mobile devices

The new feature "Mobile Optimize" allows you to automatically display less content on your social wall on mobile devices.

Integrate TikToks on your Social Wall

You can now integrate TikTok with your contentfry account. Add the new TikTok Connection and start displaying your TikTok Videos on your Website :

Visual update of the social networks logos

We have updated the logos of all social networks in the dashboard to the latest version.

Add Instagram Stories to your Social Wall

You can now collect and display Stories from your own Instagram Account. Add the new Instagram Connection to start collecting:

New CSS-Editor for Display Customization

If you have coding knowledge and want to customize your site beyond the adjustments you can make in the Design panel, you can add CSS code using the CSS Editor.

Reels are now available for all Instagram Connections

Reels are now available for all Instagram Connections such as Hashtags, Photo Tags or Accounts.

Brand new Portal for Developers

The new portal for developers contains helpful resources for professionals who want to get even more out of contentfry.

New Geo Location feature available

The updated Geo Location feature lets you add or edit a Geo Location on any content.

Manually set Profile Image for Connections

You can now manually set the profile image for a Connection. The new feature is usefull for Connections that are missing a profile image such as Instagram Hashtag Connections or some LinkedIn Connections.

Instagram: top media available

On Instagram Hashtag Connections, users now have the choice between Recent Media and Top Media.

Settings updates and two-factor authentication
  • User and Team settings are updated with new UI.
  • Team member invitations moved to team settings.
  • 2FA is generally available.
Mirror displays without leaving display editor

Mirror feature is released that lets you remotely control displays from display editor

Rights request update
  • Instagram right requests (mentions webhook) v1 is released.
  • Rights request interface update.
  • Moderation filter update to show only requested/only confirmed posts.
Infrastructure updates
  • Search service storage migrations.
  • Node.js upgrade for serverless lambda functions and microservices.
  • RSS feed encoding issues fixed.
Mail nofitications service switch

We have switched our mail delivery service, now using Amazon SES for invitation and system notification mails.

New Display Templates available 🚀
  • Fresh display templates are released.
  • Refactored all display templates.