Social hub: Bring content channels and social web together.

Reveal authentic and genuine social content.

Connect data sources, curate and publish the best content from different channels.
Instantly embed customizable displays to your website and make it look fresh with social content.
Take it a step further, build your own immersive experience for users to interact.

Venice Biennale 2021
Venice Biennale 2021

Build own social content experience without building infrastructure.

Different sources have their own restrictions: Access tokens get expired, social network APIs change (fast), features get deprecated, delivered media get expired and many more. We take care all of those obstacles so that you can focus on building the experience.
In addition to restrictions, channels deliver data in different formats which is not simple to follow. We normalize all data sources to a standard format so that developers can rapidly grasp data structure of contentfry API.

We deliver the mechanism to find and curate the greatest fan content, ensure that it adheres to your brand requirements.

Contentfry brings user generated content to your digital assets for a branded experience and helps you deliver engaging projects.

Overview: Discover, Curate, Display.

  • Discover content on your owned channels or extend your search with various optional query parameters.
  • Moderate, select, and reject content in real time on your dashboard with a flexible approval flow.
  • Display your content from top social networks like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, RSS, uploader and more.